Blank Pistols & Blanks

o 315 Auto
• A small-framed single action semi-automatic pistol. This quality single action reproduction fires 7 extra loud 8 mm blanks. This reproduction pistol has parts that can be assembled and disassembled.

Berreta M-950 Replica

o Olympic 5
• Olympic 5 model Revolver features a short 2-1/2" gun barrel, wood grips and blued finish. The cylinder swings open to load eight .22 caliber blanks. This fine blankgun can be assembled and disassembled
• $75

o Detective Special
• These replica double action blank guns fire five blanks with all the sound and fury of the originals. A swing out cylinder and a shell ejector let you speed load in seconds. These blank revolvers are assembled from precision machined die cast parts.
• .22 cal., 5 round, 3” barrel
• $90.00

o Walther PPK
• A favorite of Secret Agent 007 James Bond and all international security forces. This blank firing gun replica fires single or double action, like the original.
• 3” barrel, 7 round, 8mm PPK Replica
• $110

o 8mm blanks
• $30.00

o .22 acorns blanks
• $13.00

o .22 LR blanks
• $15.00